Critical Illness Insurance

A serious illness can strike at any time. Luckily with increasing medical advances, the road to recovery can be successful, albeit expensive and stressful.

A Critical Illness protection plan pays you a one time, tax free lump sum so you can focus on your recovery and what’s important to you.


If you are diagnosed with a life threatening illness such as Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke, Kidney Failure, Blindness, Alzheimer’s, Paralysis … and up to 26 other illnesses, the proceeds of a Critical Illness policy can be used however you wish. You can use these funds for accessing the newest cutting edge treatments, covering your drug costs, travel, funding a bucket list item, alternative treatments, home alterations, replacing lost wages, private nursing or other expenses.

Some facts you may wish to consider:

  • Your odds of having a Critical Illness in your lifetime is 50%
  • Our OHIP may not pay for all costs associated with a serious Critical Illness
  • Approximately 70% of paid Critical Illness claims are for Cancer; 20% for Heart Attack or Stroke
  • You have a 1 in 5 chance of being diagnosed with Cancer in your lifetime
  • 80% of Canadian Oncologists say their treatment recommendations are influenced by a patients ability to pay the anticipated drug cost; many of the newer cancer drugs are not covered by government health plans
  • Many Critical Illness policies include access to “Best Doctors” services whereby you have access to an international physician network to ensure you get the right diagnosis and treatment advice
  • Many Critical Illness Policies have a Return of Premium option, so if you don’t claim you get your money back, unlike other insurance policies – talk about a win / win!

Corporate Critical Illness

Protecting your corporation against the financial loss in revenue it would suffer in the event you or another key person in your company is diagnosed with a Critical Illness is prudent.

There are even further advantages available to businesses utilizing a Split Dollar Strategy.  This strategy integrates a mutual benefit where the corporation and the designated beneficiary both benefit.

Ask our experts to show you these unique tax free benefits with this product.

Critical Illness is an important part of a your &/or your business’ financial security. Not all policies are the same and Options vary drastically between insurers on this product, so be sure to ask one of our experts to educate and guide you to which policy would be the best solution for you:

  • Which policies offer the most extensive list of possible covered Illnesses?
  • Which offer access to Best Doctor services, so you can skip the line to solutions?
  • Which offer a Return of Premium (ROP) option, what percentage and what are the timelines for such?
  • Which company offers the length of coverage I want (term to lifetime)?
  • Which companies will waive future premium payments for disability?

Blair Insurance is dedicated to your well- being and security. We’re here to help offer sound and knowledgeable advice and source out the best product offerings from the leading insurance companies in Ontario. You get a lot more than a price when you contact us for a quote: knowledge; integrity; service.

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