Life Insurance

There is a myriad of life insurance products designed to protect you, your family, and your lifestyle throughout all your life’s stages. The life insurance coverage you need depends on the life phase that you are in.


There are so many life insurance products and flexible options to choose from, whether you’re looking to:

  • Protect a child’s future if something happens to mom or dad
  • Provide a paycheque if you’re injured or disabled
  • Provide a lump sum while you recover from a critical illness
  • Protect against a loan or mortgage
  • Protect a business partnership agreement
  • Provide for long term care
  • Protect wealth
  • Create wealth
  • Preserve your Estate (so more of your assets go to your heirs instead of the government)

Like most people, you understand the importance of proper protection for your home, car, or business. In some cases, however, people neglect to protect their most important asset, themselves. Believe it or not, you and your ability to earn an income is your most valuable asset. Now and in the future, safeguard this to maintain and possibly increase your assets and take care of those you love. Make the decision to protect yourself, your loved ones and maintain the lifestyle you all live.

You may be surprised to learn that statistically, the likelihood of having a claim with life-related products is far greater than with any other type of insurance coverage. This simple fact illustrates how critical life insurance products are for your financial protection and security.

Utilizing Life Insurance Products Goes Well Beyond Insuring your Mortgage

There are many additional benefits to life insurance products. You can use life insurance to:

  • Reduce your taxes
  • Creditor-proof your assets
  • Provide tax-free wealth accumulation
  • Access the best doctors in the world
  • Make charitable donations
  • Access retained earnings
  • Guarantee your investment income
  • Protect your child’s future insurability

Strategically utilizing life insurance goes far beyond protecting your loved ones and insuring your mortgage.

What Range of Life Insurance products are available at Blair Insurance?

The expert advisors at Blair Insurance can guide you thru these types of insurance options, discuss their benefits, and find the most suitable choice to meet your needs.

We offer:

  • Long term care plans
  • Guaranteed Issue life insurance (up to age 75)
  • Guaranteed Interest plans
  • Personal health plans
  • Employee benefit packages
  • Charitable Giving

The vast realm of life insurance products and what they can do is generally misunderstood. As a result, their simple and cost-effective solutions are significantly undervalued and underutilized. The various products available and the benefits they provide, should be part of everyone’s comprehensive financial analysis.

Life insurance needs to be an integral part of your first line of protection for a stable financial portfolio. When properly applied, the right life insurance product offers numerous significant long-term benefits that you cannot afford to overlook.

It’s Complicated, Let Us Make It Simple

Life insurance has so many terms and options, including Conversion options, Return of Premium, Layering, Blending, Guarantees, and more. The products and what they do can be complicated to understand, confusing to compare, and difficult to select. This makes having the right advisor critical. You need an expert who knows their stuff, understands your needs, and puts you first.

At Blair Insurance Brokers, we’ll start by getting to know the current requirements for you, your family, and, if applicable, your business. We will then assess your foreseeable future needs. We make projections to follow the journey throughout your lifetime and make adjustments as required. For us, it’s all about protecting your lifestyle, how you live your life and what’s important to you. Our focus is on presenting you with the best options and guiding you to make the best choices for a lifetime of security.

Trust the expert advisors at Blair insurance. We have a lifetime of solutions for you. Contact us to learn how we can help protect you and the things that matter most.

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