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We understand that your business relies heavily on your vehicles and without them, you may not be able to deliver the services you provide.  Whether you have a single vehicle, an entire fleet of vehicles, or a garage operation, you need the right protection with a commercial auto insurance solution to protect against all types of risks.


With a properly tailored commercial auto or fleet insurance policy, you can protect your company from loss of business and from costly expenses.

Reduce the risks and have peace of mind knowing you’re protecting:

  • Your company’s investment in vehicles
  • Your employee drivers & passengers
  • The safety of the public

The Basic Commercial Auto Insurance Policy Should Cover:

  • The right amount of Liability coverage in the event someone is accidently hurt or their property is damaged
  • Coverage to provide health care if you or your employee is injured in an auto accident
  • Protection to repair a damaged vehicle
  • Protection for a stolen vehicle
  • Protection against at-fault uninsured and under insured drivers
  • Garage Liability, if you operate a garage

Commercial Auto Insurance Options:

  • Protection for drivers using their own vehicles for business
  • Protection for rented vehicles
  • Full replacement value on New vehicles (with zero depreciation)
  • Temporary vehicle replacement
  • Roadside assistance
  • Driving Record protection
  • Telematic options available, and driver monitoring.

Let our expert advisors enhance your policy. Which insurers offer accident forgiveness? Which offer depreciation protection? Which insurers offer the best discounts? Which insurers have best-in-class claims service to get you back in business?

Fleet Insurance

Commercial Vehicles & FleetsIf your business has over 5 company vehicles, it will be more efficient to insure them under one fleet policy with one common renewal date. Our expert advisors can negotiate significant savings with our underwriters for fleets.

Want to manage your fleet costs utilizing data? Certain insurers can provide you with important data to drive improvements and efficiencies within your fleet operations. With more information, you can review your fleet’s performance – and make decisions to decrease costs.

Our goal is to keep your business operational by protecting you from the property damage and liability claims which can happen every time your drivers take to the road. Let our commercial auto experts show you how to control and reduce your risk, thereby protecting your bottom line.

We make it easy for you to:

  • Get the advice you need on the available options
  • Find the policy that is right for your business
  • Keep your insurance as affordable as possible
  • Get the exceptional service you need

Contact us today and let’s talk about all of your options. We’ll take the time to customize a plan that’s exactly right for your business.

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