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We know you have many choices when buying automobile insurance. Let us share with you what drives  your car insurance rates , pardon the pun, and how to get the best of what’s available in the marketplace.


Are All Car Insurance Policies Identical?

No, not completely.  Although the basic insurance policy (OAP 1) has standardized definitions and some minimum mandatory coverage, for competitive reasons the optional coverages, available discounts and how accidents, tickets and occasional drivers are rated for can vary between insurance companies.

For example, which insurer will:

  • Reward your excellent driving habits with up to 30% rate reduction?
  • Cover your new car against any depreciation for 5 years?
  • Reduce your rate if your car is parked in your garage or private driveway?
  • Make your deductible disappear?
  • Reward you for loyalty?
  • Forgive an accident, and under which conditions?
  • Forgive ticket(s), and under which conditions?
  • Reduce your rate for anti- theft features on your car?
  • Offer discounts for students with good marks &/or living away from home?
  • Allow occasional business use?
  • Allow using your car for Uber or Turo?

Let us pass along to you this valuable information to give you the car insurance rate you deserve, at the most affordable rate possible.

Optional Extensions

There are many ways to round out your car insurance policy to benefit your unique needs. Our insurance experts can offer advice and recommendations to tailor the policy to meet your protection requirements. Some of the options available for customization are listed below; please contact us for more information.

  • Accident Benefit options
    (for if you are injured in an accident)

  • Physical Damage coverage
    (to repair your car)

  • Rental Vehicle coverage
    (for while your car is being repaired or while on vacation)

Our insurance advisors will explain to you the fine print in your auto insurance policy.  We’ll work to find the insurance coverage options that protect you and your family and your lifestyle.  Our goal is to provide you with a policy that helps you and your family feel safe, secure, and well protected.


Discounts can significantly reduce your premium.  Not all companies have the same discounts though, so let us find you the right company to best match what you qualify for:

Claims Free DiscountConviction Free Discount Bundle Discount
Deductible DiscountTelematics DiscountLow Mileage Discount
Mature CitizenAnti-theft device DiscountSpecialty Driver Training
Braking System DiscountWinter Tire DiscountCredit Score Discount
Flex DiscountLoyalty DiscountGroup Discount
New Policy DiscountRenewal Discount Retiree Discount
Safe Driving DiscountStudent DiscountNew Car Discount
And more…

By dealing with our knowledgeable, experienced brokers, we will make it simple to save, now and in the future.

We will shop the market for you to find you the right coverage with the right insurer for the right price.

Auto Insurance Made Easy.

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